The Supervisor's Collaborative

Get comfortable talking about ethical dilemmas. Seriously. Grab this tool to guide your supervision sessions and empower your supervisees.

We get it! Being a Clinical Supervisor is a big responsibility.

You became a Clinical Supervisor because you were ready for a new challenge in your career. You love the work you do supervising your colleagues, but you also know that learning and growing is essential if you want to be freaking amazing at it.

Yeah, imposter syndrome is real, but you’re tired of questioning yourself and want to own your confidence.

You’re ready to connect with a group of peers who also want to be badass, and who won’t be eye-rolling, judgey jerks when you bring stuff to the table.

You know you’ll get further as a supervisor if you find your people.

Hi there, we're

Alison & Jodi Lynn

I’m Alison Maratos. My friend and colleague Jodi Lynn Morris and I have known each other since grad school and we’ve both been social workers longer than we care to remember. We’ve worked in the community where we w juggled big caseloads, and where we learned administrative skills to ensure our records would stand up in Court and where we supervised others to help inform their practice.

Fast forward to today. This experience in the trenches has made us the psychotherapists and clinical supervisors we are today. We know our stuff and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

That’s why we’re launching

The Supervisor’s Collaborative!

We’re bringing together a carefully selected group of supervisors who want to feel confident and have a place to hang out and be guided, challenged and encouraged by colleagues who are the real deal. In short, we want you to be a part of a group that will help you take your supervisor game to the next level. Together.

Here's what you'll learn inside

The Supervisor's Collaborative

Supervisory Confidence

You’ll learn more skills to help you build supervisee confidence and give them the support they need to be great clinicians. Think real tools so you can be a supervisory superstar.



We will call you on your shit. Think of this as a safe spot to identify your blind spots and protect yourself from the burnout that can come from shouldering big responsibilities.



Get ready to build your confidence in dealing with the tough stuff and having difficult conversations so you can deliver clear messages and follow through with accountability.

We get you.

You love being a Clinical Supervisor, but you are new to this role, and you are ready to build your confidence. Or maybe you have been doing this for awhile and you want to connect with peers who get it.

Either way, you are so ready to stop second guessing yourself. You need support and guidance so you can be the go-to supervisor amongst the ever-growing list of supervisors out there.

Sometimes the weight of the responsibility of supervising your peers feels a tad heavy (ok, a lot heavy). It is time to stop losing sleep and worrying about the "what have I missed" voice in your head. You're going to lose this voice for good by gaining confidence in listening to your gut. This is confidence that can only come by being with "your people".

You know there’s stuff you don’t know! You want a place you can go to get the answers. Not the spectuation and guesses on Facebook pages from total randos. You want badass colleagues who you can count on when you need them most.

You want the 3 C's: connection, collaboration and comfort. You'll get all three from day one when you have a place to go to hang with colleagues who take clinical supervision seriously and who will give you support when you need it, and who will benefit from your perspective too.


When you join The Supervisor’s Collaborative, you are committing to:

  • Growing your supervision practice with confidence.
  • Getting support and accountability led by experienced Supervisors.
  • Shutting down that voice in your head that says: “what am I missing?”, “is there another way to look at this?” and “how can I make sure I am providing my supervisees with the best experience possible?”
  • Having a little fun amidst the heavy work of being a supervisor.

When you find your people in

The Supervisor’s Collaborative, you will:

End the second guessing and continually build confidence in your skills as a supervisor.

You will learn new ways of doing things and develop new tools that will make sure you’re the supervisor everyone is looking for.

You’ll feel the support of a supervisor and peers who get it and who want you to feel awesome about your clinical supervision work.

You will learn how to provide feedback, grow your clinical and administrative capabilities and develop the tools to teach your supervisees how to reflect upon their decisions in their work.

How your life will change

Minimize the imposter syndrome that comes from feeling the overwhelm that can crop up from time to time.

Conduct supervision sessions in an intentional manner, using tools that will help you provide guidance efficiently and confidently.

Have a safe space to reflect, ask questions and learn more about yourself as a supervisor.

Here's what others says

Here’s what you get:

Monthly supervision groups, from 9:30 to 11:30 on the second Monday of each month.

Resources to use and re-use with your supervisees

Support you can count on, backed by real-life experience

Join the wait list for the next cohort of

The Supervisor’s Collaborative.

You will be notified of the dates for the next monthly group where you will meet your five new supervisor besties and the Clinical Supervisor for Supervisors who will challenge you, support you and help you grow.

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