Two Weeks To Private Practice

It's time to stop dreaming about your private practice and take the first steps toward making this dream come true.

You didn't learn a thing about starting a private practice in grad school. Nothing. At. All.

You love what you do, but the thought of moving out of your placement or agency job and into private practice sounds terrifying. So many questions...

Here's some answers:

Is running a private practice easy? NO

Is it rewarding to build a practice? YES

Should I cross my fingers jump in? NO

Is there a place where I can get started on setting up my practice without looking too far ahead and quitting because I am scared and overwhelmed?


Hi! I'm Alison!

I’m Alison Maratos.

There is nothing I can say here that will guarantee you will trust me with helping you make your dream come true.

But, if you like a straight shooter who will tell you like it is and who genuinely cares about your success, I'm your person.

I own a successful group practice. I got here by scraping my knees more than a couple of times. When I wised up and sought out professional advice and started to make sure I ticked all of the boxes, I became confident in my practice. But let's be real. It isn't easy and some days it sucks. But nothing worth having comes easily.

So here I am, giving you a easy to follow, straight and to the point program that will lay the foundation for your private practice in just two weeks.

I like things to be simple and to the point, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and scared. So this is what you'll get from me.

Two Weeks To Private Practice

gives you guidance and a daily to-do list to tick the boxes of setting up your practice.

If you do it now, you'll sleep better than I did when I started out. Confidence breeds success. I'm here to lay the foundation for your confidence so you can be a successful private practice owner.

Here's what you'll get from

Two Weeks to Private Practice

A Daily To-Do List to take one step at a time.

You’ll get detailed daily tasks with both verbal instructions and a workbook to write down your steps and see your progress laid out in front of you.

Pro Hacks that will save you time and energy.

Get where you want to be, faster. When you know the steps and the hacks, you can complete the practice creation steps you need to take now.

Confidence that comes from experience.

I don't claim to be your private practice guru, but I will be your sherpa to guide you up the mountain in two short weeks so you can finally get going!

I get you.

You know you love helping people and that you are a badass clinician.

But then the imposter syndrome creeps in: "there are people out there who are "more" than me (experienced, trained, confident...)". YUP! There are, and there always will be.

I know you're thinking this because I did too. The little voice in my head held me back for far too long. It wasn't until I pushed myself to take imperfect action that I finally opened private practice.

Remember, clients will come to you for one reason: because you're you! I learned that the hard way.

Did I make mistakes? YUP

Did it result in me losing my license or "getting in trouble" with CRA, or some other entity? NO

Do I wish I'd had someone to reassure me that I was doing everything I needed to set up by business in those early days? YUP

Stop being so hard on yourself! You don't know what you don’t know!

You want a place you can go to get the answers. Not the spectuation and guesses on Facebook pages from total randos.

I've got you.

So now you have a couple of

questions to answer:

Do you trust that I am your person and I honestly want to help you succeed?

In two weeks, will you be glad you did or wondering why you're still at the starting line?


When you purchase

Two Weeks to Private Practice

Get Ready To:

  • Take calculated steps each day that will get the ball rolling.
  • Understand what needs to be done and how, with a guided video and a workbook to keep track of stuff.
  • Feel more and more accomplished each day.
  • Have your practice up and running in less time than it takes to finish that self-directed course you bought two years ago.

When you complete Two Weeks to Private Practice you will:

Confirm the business, licensing and liability steps you need to set up.

Learn how to use the skills you learned in placement or your agency job to your advantage.

Stop getting freaked out about money: bankers, accounts, payments etc.

Know when to save and spend on stuff and practice support people and tools.

In two weeks, it's going to get real!

Conduct supervision sessions in an intentional manner, using tools that will help you provide guidance efficiently and confidently.

Have a safe space to reflect, ask questions and learn more about yourself as a supervisor.

Here's what your colleagues say:

Here’s what you get:

Monthly supervision groups, from 9:30 to 11:30 on the second Monday of each month.

Resources to use and re-use with your supervisees

Support you can count on, backed by real-life experience

Join the wait list for the next cohort of

Two Weeks To Private Practice

You will be notified of the dates for the next monthly group where you will meet your five new supervisor besties and the Clinical Supervisor for Supervisors who will challenge you, support you and help you grow.

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