It’s time to set up your therapy practice so you can stop worrying about all the stuff they didn’t teach you in grad school.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm don’t have to be a part of running your private practice anymore.


Top 10 Conversations Every Therapist Should Know

Ready to go from...


Learn hacks, tricks and techniques to streamline your documentation process to stop feeling overwhelmed by the list of unfinished notes.

Confidently face your days knowing that what you are writing in your files is professional and will stand up to ethical guidelines.

Sleep well knowing that you have documented the important stuff, and not the fluff, so that you can stand behind your notes when you need to.

Here's My Story

I'm Alison Maratos

I’m a therapist who has worked in the community and in private practice over the span of my career. When I worked in the community, I had to learn how to clearly and efficiently document countless sessions, assessments and case plans and ensure that my records would stand up in Court. When I moved into private practice I didn’t have agency audits to keep me in check with my notes, so I struggled to keep up with the parts of the job that my ADHD brain avoids. I beat myself up over when I worried I had dropped the ball and I felt constantly overwhelmed and anxious about "doing it right".

Fast forward to today. I have learned some hacks that help me feel more in control of my administrative practices and running the business of my practice while maintaining happy clients. Don’t get me wrong. Some days are better than others, but now I have the tools to help me stress less and relax more at the end of a clinical day. I promise you, it IS possible to tick all of the boxes of pratice admin and biz without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Here's what your colleagues say about working with me...

"I have always had a strong vision about my future as a professional helper but felt overwhelmed by the thought of starting a private practice. After using Alison's tools, I was able to create a viable plan that left me feeling confident about my decision to pursue this lifelong dream. Alison was a phenomenal facilitator with broad knowledge, passion, and real-life examples that resonated with my values and goals. I look forward to continuing to work with her going forward."

-Jamie McIntyre, MSW RSW

"I was so excited to take Alison's private practice workshop and it did not disappoint. I left feeling inspired and motivated to start my own private practice. The course content was interesting and Alison is an extremely engaging presenter. Two years later, I have my own private practice treating the clients I love and I was able to quit my agency job and do this full time"

- Julie Lounsbury, MSW RSW


The Practice Companion has got you covered.


Two Weeks to Private Practice

What are you waiting for? It's time to ditch the excuses and take 14 steps to get your private practice up and running by ticking all of the boxes on all things registration, liability, administrative and procedural (you know, the boring stuff you've been avoiding).

If you don't, two weeks from now you are going to be in the same spot you're sitting today.


Documentation Essentials

Ditch documentation procrastination, uncertainty and anxiety for good. I will walk you through how to get shit done and teach you how to lose the overwhelm with time saving tools, hacks and templates so you can end each day confidently knowing your doc game is tight.


The Supervisor’s Collaborative

You've got the clinical experience to be a supervisor, but sometimes you feel that imposter syndrome creeping in. Turn the volume down on that shit by joining a collaborative group of like-minded peers who want to continue to grow and learn as Clinical Supervisors. It's supervison for supervisors, but not dry and boring.


Group Practice Owners Support

You own a group practice, but sometimes your team needs to hear messages from someone other than you because you're tired of repeating the same things and not feeling confident the message is being received. Make sure your team stops guessing at how to document, retain clients and handle awkward or challenging client interactions.

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